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Tony O'Malley: Musician, singer, performer, piano player, songwriter, record-producer.

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9th February 2016  | No Comments

First performed live on Georgian TV’s ‘Patrinoti 4’ in 2008, a competition to see who could write the best patriotic song for Georgia.

‘Soul of the Land’ was written by Tony, with Georgian lyrics provided by one of Georgia’s most loved and respected songwriters, Nana Kalendadze. The song came in 2nd, which wasn’t half bad for a Englishman singing on Georgian TV! For her invaluable contribution, many thanks to Nana, who had previously won the competition in 2007, and to all the many children who sang their hearts out on the recordings and TV shows.

სიყვარული და მშვიდობა ყველა! (Love and peace to all)!



18th January 2016  | No Comments


On Saturday 16th Jan, we played to a full house in Romsey Abbey, a very old, tall church in Hampshire, dating back to before William the Conquerer’s reign. The acoustics are surprisingly good! We were expecting lots of lots of echo echo all all over over the place place place, but I was amazed by the great sound we got in this wonderful old heavenly church!

Of course, apart from the bloke upstairs, most of the credit should really go to Roland Clarke for setting up and controlling the sound, which he was more than able to do by mingling with the congregation and twisting virtual knobs on his iPad.

Many thanks to Mary Dovey and all the volunteers at the abbey for organising the concert, to Rev Tim for being such a great vicar, to Liz for helping with the CDs, to David Newman and his team of cameramen for shooting a great video, and most of all, to the smiling audience for being so lovely!

My great band of young and talented musicians are:-

Richie Aikman on guitar, Ally McDougal on the drums and Sonny Winslow on bass.

Same band plays The 606 Club on 5th February 2016 along with the legendary Neil Hubbard on guitar.

Sweet dreams,


Back at the Bag!

13th September 2014  | 3 Comments

I’m now immersed in the final third of preparations for the completion of an album that was started over three years ago.

The title track is ‘Back at the Bag’, a funky little number aimed at getting folks young & old off of their couches and dancing all the way to the kitchen to prepare the soul stew…

We plan to record the last five tunes in October 2014, mix & master in November, ready for a December release.

The team on this record is:- Neil Hubbard & Adam Phillips – guitars, Steve Pearce – bass, Ralph Salmins – drums, Mel Collins – saxes, Paul Buckmaster – string arrangements, with Haydn Bendall producing.

All the tracks have been and will be recorded at The Bunker, Ralph Salmins’ funky little studio in Welwyn Garden City – a fantastic sound!

Watch this space for more news!

T x

Listen to the demo of Back at the Bag, featuring Tim Weller, Jenny Maidman, Neil Hubbard, Mel Collins, Frank Collins, Dyan Birch & Paddie McHugh

2013: Learning Curve

18th June 2013  | 1 Comment

New song Learning Curve performed live on today’s Robert Elms show on BBC Radio London, with Annie Whitehead on trombone and Jennifer Maidman on bass.

Bobby Dazzlers…

11th June 2013  | No Comments

Life is pretty cool right now, keeping our heads above water, building contacts for better gigs (although still need much help in that department). I even go out on the streets of Oxford to play, which in fact, is a revelation! Not that I want to do it all the time, but the reactions are beautiful! People are so nice, make lovely comments, dance, jig, smile, lots of thumbs-up, kids stare in wonder with their little hips swinging, old codgers, young codgers, young beauties, old beauties – all walks of life, it’s a brilliant experience I believe every good musician should strive to attain, once they’ve given up whatever… It’s tough to get across that line, but incredibly rewarding on a different level.

A few weeks ago a police car parked across the road and I thought, that’s it, cuffs on. Then they moved a little closer, then closer still and stayed for about 40 mins, watching me very closely… I was quivering and ready to admit to everything, when the car drove up along side me. ‘It’s a fair cop’, I thought while holding up my hands. Then a bobby leaned over, put a couple of quid in the hat, gave a huge smile, said ‘brilliant!’ and drove off!