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Bobby Dazzlers…

11th June 2013 | No Comments

Life is pretty cool right now, keeping our heads above water, building contacts for better gigs (although still need much help in that department). I even go out on the streets of Oxford to play, which in fact, is a revelation! Not that I want to do it all the time, but the reactions are beautiful! People are so nice, make lovely comments, dance, jig, smile, lots of thumbs-up, kids stare in wonder with their little hips swinging, old codgers, young codgers, young beauties, old beauties – all walks of life, it’s a brilliant experience I believe every good musician should strive to attain, once they’ve given up whatever… It’s tough to get across that line, but incredibly rewarding on a different level.

A few weeks ago a police car parked across the road and I thought, that’s it, cuffs on. Then they moved a little closer, then closer still and stayed for about 40 mins, watching me very closely… I was quivering and ready to admit to everything, when the car drove up along side me. ‘It’s a fair cop’, I thought while holding up my hands. Then a bobby leaned over, put a couple of quid in the hat, gave a huge smile, said ‘brilliant!’ and drove off!

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