Tony O'Malley

Food for the Soul

The Tony O'Malley Band at Romsey Abbey
Take some soulful vocals and funky piano playing from Tony O’Malley, founder of UK Soul Pioneers Kokomo. Mix with guitar, bass and drums from some of Britain’s brightest young talent, and the occasional special guest. Add a blend of classic songs, undiscovered gems and original material. Plug in, and you get The Tony O’Malley Band. Truly Food for the Soul.

Upcoming Shows

  • Thursday, October 19th 2017 TONY O’MALLEY SOLO
    SANDY’S  8:30pm
  • Saturday, October 21st 2017 TONY O’MALLEY BAND
    ABINGDON, Oxfordshire
    THE BREWERY TAP  9:00pm
  • Thursday, October 26th 2017 TONY O’MALLEY SOLO
    SANDY’S  8:30pm
  • Friday, October 27th 2017 TONY O’MALLEY & FRIENDS
    BANBURY, Oxfordshire
    THE WHITE HORSE  8:30pm
  • Saturday, October 28th 2017 TONY O’MALLEY BAND

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Featured Album

Two double live albums for £10

We've recorded several shows over the past twelve months, putting together material for a live album. However, choosing the songs became very VERY difficult, so we decided to release TWO complete shows, each as a double CD.

You can listen now for free or download them separately for £7 each. But the best value is to get a digital download of both shows for £10


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